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J.O.Y.C.E 2012 | Urban Art Circle | Introducing Mr Muhammad Syahman!

An interview session with J.O.Y.C.E creative director Mr Muhammad Syahman, a talented Malaysian Digital Artist.

He also a founder of Graphcore Collective and Radea Concept.

We asked about how he got into design, what inspires his and how he feels about having his design promoted across the nation. Check out the interview.

RZL : How did you get into illustration and design?

Syahman : I started my way into design since my school days, back then i was into animation, it was form 2 i guess. I started designing animation and stuff, doing montages for school’s event and it even got better during my form 4 whereas ive been appointed as the school mag editor and graphic designer. And that was 2006 and i started my way into designing stuff. And later in few years, i work my way into digital art, and motion graphics so as developing new style.

RZL : How about in terms of technical education?
Syahman : Technical education? oh, well im a self taught person. I learn from the internets, books, and the nature itself. Tutorials are over the internet, and widely spread, i digged some of the techniques, and i always did that ‘try and error’ method and fortunately it works for me. As for colleges, been to Unisel Shah Alam, and UiTM Pulau Pinang.
RZL :What are you working on at the moment?
Syahman : I am working on these few identities for J.O.Y.C.E event and pre-events, and some installation including visual projection. I am also on my Graphcore Collective project, gathering works from Creative Malaysian to be merge in an artpack. (
RZL :What’s your style?
Syahman : My style? Mainly its Abstract 3D, and some Illustration and mostly based from these elements; geometricals (triangles for sure), lines, patterns, 3 Dimensional stuffs, and light effects.
RZL : Do you tend to stick to the same style when you’re designing, or do you mix it up?
Syahman : Sometimes i will stick to my root, my identity, and combine it with the new design im making so as making it more interesting. So that people can recognise my style, and my identity.Yeah im mixing it all over to create new and fresh stuff.
RZL : Where do you get your inspiration from?
Syahman : Everything that i saw, nature , magazine, inspiration gallery, and as for webs, behance, deviantart, abduzeedo, vimeo, and more
RZL : What does J.O.Y.C.E 2012 means to you as a Creative director?
Syahman : J.O.Y.C.E is a Youth Festival, which introduces and as a platform for young and creative malaysian talents, from various area and discipline of art so as exposing youth contributions to the community. Varies from music to heritage art, J.O.Y.C.E is a great benchmark event and should be taken seriously by the communities, cause youth is the one who will be the leader in the future.
I`m Youth – We Own Our Future
Last word for the future!
Syahman : Future planning including, exposing and getting Malaysian youth and creatives to the international level and at the same time, contributing to the community and society
So Thank you for this interview session, We hope to see more of your arts. See you May 18th for the Big day of J.O.Y.C.E.
Have a blasting and blessing year ahead.
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