J.O.Y.C.E 2012 | Support Fixed Gear + Graffiti

20120226-020112.jpg1. Bike Clinic by WightSet!
A brief clinic that will discuss on how to assemble/un-assemble and maintaining a fixed gear/track bike.

2. Bike Talk by Vault JBC/SOUTHERNFIXED
A simple yet resourceful two-way talk to explain on the culture and root of track bike cycling and how it evolves in the state of Johor, Johor Bahru to be exact.

3. Fixed Gear Gathering
A gathering of fixed gear group from Johor and other states, including MOFIXED, Jangster, SOUTHERNFIXED, PGDFIXED etc.

4. Fixed Gear Screening
A screening of fixed gear videos from local and international.

5. Fixed Gear Trick Demo
Fixed gear trick demo by Vault JBC x Damnson!

6. Mini Criterium Race by Grip Reaper
A mini, simple and short fixed gear race to demonstrate on how the culture of fixed gear racing evolves, to differ itself from Velodrome Type Race.

7. Graffiti Demo by The Supersunday Crew



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