J.O.Y.C.E 2012 Interview session | Experimental Session in Digital and Analogue Music | Projek Bunyi .01

Experimental Session in Digital and Analogue Music | Projek Bunyi .01

This is a major project in experimental sounds. They are the kids from Johor Bahru. Check out their interview.

RZL : The main idea of Projek Bunyi.

IKHRAM : Projek Bunyi (PB) is presenting our upmost spontaneous ideas of beat n sound. PB is not only focused on specific genre but it goes on everything. This project will be our major fundamental in exploring sounds.

RZL : How it began? Full details on the lineups

IKHRAM : Sometimes you just have an idea—you’re working on something and it strikes you, “Hang on, why don’t we take that bit and do something completely different?” It’s like a puzzle you’re trying to work out—you know there’s something good in this idea, but it’s not communicating. You’re drawn back to those things, and when you come into the studio, the songs you load up on your computer are the ones that have that quality to them.

Full line up:
– Ikhram-am ( Beat Arrangement)

-suhaimi-emy ( Sound Harmonic)

-shazrul-sacol (Voice)

RZL : Who inside this project?

-Suhaimi (emy)
-Mohd Ikhram (am)
-shazrul (sacol)
Rizal (RZL)

RZL : Music Influence?

IKHRAM : 65daysofstatic,The Chemical Brothers, Holy Fuck, the Prodigy

RZL : Listing of the instrument in making this project?

IKHRAM PB instrument for now (gadget)
korg nanopad
Korg ikaossilator-ipad/iphone
Fruity loops
Metal zone
Digital delay
Big Muff

Analogue Drum set

RZL : Future Music planning?

IKHRAM : Right now we’re not concerned with which level it’s going to be. We’re really concerned with making an incredible songs. To basically solidify our passion, and our legacy for the next genY.

RZL : Projek Bunyik is one of the main program for JOYCE. A lil details on what you guys goin to deliver?

IKHRAM as J.O.Y.C.E is for the youth, hopefully they (youth) can afford something from what we deliver on that day.The new installment in music session .have fun!

RZL : And what is it that has kept This project bunyi together?

IKHRAM : music, soul spirit & of course! FRIENDSHIP among others.

Check on their short clip. –PROJEK BUNYIK


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